Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav with Ayudh India

Here comes my post after a long break with a mixture of patriotism and fitness.

As part of the 75th anniversary celebrations of Indian Independence, ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’, the Ministry of Education, GOI, has undertaken a noble goal to perform 75 crores Suryanamaskarams across India. To support this initiative AYUDH India is coordinating 21 days Suryanamaskar practice from 31st Jan – 20th Feb. I am contributing to this effort by signing up to take up this challenge.

Participants from across India participanting in Ayudh 75cr Suryanamaskar

Why I took up the challenge? Well, my generation (correct me if I am wrong) is always glued to screens, especially people with desk jobs. And I found this as a great opportunity to kick in some dopamine and endorphins in the brain which will help me to start off the day feeling happy and energetic. Not to mention the creativity, memory and learning power that gets boosted too. And yeah I am hoping the 21 day habit rule (don’t tell me its a myth, let me live in my dreamland) works out this time and transforms me!

Small effort from my side, ignore the mistakes

Apart from all this, I find this as an opportunity for me to pay tribute to the sacred land that taught yoga and meditation to the world to lead a happy and healthy life. I would like to thank Ayudh India for letting me join this program and be a part of this mission.

Jai Hind!


Gitamritam Yuva’18

Something interesting happened in my life after a very long time. I attended Gitamritam camp! It was such an awesome experience, and also free from the online world for over a week.

The 1st thing I was worried about was, “Will I be able to make it to the morning classes? That too be ready by 5:30 AM!”. To my wonder yes I did! And that too attended all the sessions with so much eagerness and not with a sleepy head. So, all these night owl business was just a silly excuse from a lazy head. But to be frank there were few days I carried my toothbrush to brush in between the morning sessions whenever I woke up late(but made sure to take bath before leaving my room 😛 ). Sharing all the experiences of a 7 day long fully tight scheduled camp in just one blog posts is simply impossible. So let me try to keep it simple and sweet.


Squad with Dhyan Ji

Everyday of the camp started off with yoga, meditation and gita classes. What more is required to keep you alive throughout the day. I should seriously admit that it kept me energetic during all sessions no matter what. I used to be a late comer throughout my BTech life and even now, and sit with a sleepy head if the sun is up. But this camp really brought a change in my life. Moreover now my day starts off with yoga.


Save the earth – plant trees 😉

First day we had a session by Sankar ji where he talked a lot about happiness. You can watch it over here. Then I thought , isn’t it true what he said that nowadays we think twice whether to laugh or not. During class if we laugh the teacher will think that we are making fun of him/her or kuch toh ghatbhat hai. I remember once one of my school teacher called me to the staff room just to ask why I am smiling most of the time. He said “You know what smiling is good for your health. Lekin sabh log tujhe pagal samjenge”. I went into a dilemma, was it a compliment or the opposite. But then I decided I will laugh if the people around me knows already that I am crazy else will keep a blank face. But now I realize that was a huge mistake from my side. I should have gone with an attitude – if they think I am loose, I will laugh at them because they are thinking they are mad(myself). Which means I am really crazy 😀 And thanks for Akshay ettan to make me realize it. To understand what it means just go through the short story “The Egg” by Andy Weir.


All set to go!

Let me get back to the camp. We had really interesting Gita classes by Dhyan ji. I felt its something that should be present in everyone’s life. It would have been a different world if we recite a sloka to a baby’s ears and ask them to follow it instead of saying a name after they are born. After all each sloka tells us how to lead a dharmic life.

All the outdoor activities, cooking sessions taught us something which is already said in Gita, but this gave us a chance to experience it by ourselves. I never knew I could learn so many things through these activities. During some of the adventurous activities like rappelling, I was readily waiting for those who were scared to death just to see how they were trying to overcome their fear. It was such a joy to be present where we see a lot of people coming out of their fear and realizing the real self. It’s something which cannot be expressed in mere words. But still I kept my fear to talk openly, but I am happy that I am working on it.


Squad with Akshay ettan

This camp taught me a lot of things which I could have learnt by myself through my experience in life, if and only if I was not ignorant. And that was the 1st lesson I learned – We should choose whether to be ignorant or wise. And this solves all the problems in one’s life. And to get a more clear idea I started reading Gita everyday without fail. To understand who is ignorant and who is wise, start reading Bhagavad Gita 😉 I will leave it to you instead of explaining what I understood from it. Because…


न बुद्धिभेदं जनयेदज्ञानां कर्मसङ्गिनाम् |
जोषयेत्सर्वकर्माणि विद्वान्युक्त: समाचरन् ||3.26

Finally I would love to thank Akshay ettan for pushing me to attend this camp and have a wonderful experience. And also Vipin sir who has been telling a lot about this camp for many years which developed a curiosity in me.

Wait for my next post to hear the inner transformation in me, which took a lot of time for me to understand.


Midterm updates

The contents of this post was originally posted in the Freifunk blog which can be found here. Just sharing it again in my blog.

As we are on the midterm evaluation process, I would like to share what I have done so far. I created a small HTML5 application to share the location of a user, it uses geolocation API for this purpose. This will work online but, if we are offline it will work only if the device had a browser which communicated directly with the GPS hardware. This is how the application looks like when the location is found out:

mapAs per my plan I was supposed to create a JSON API the application can use to send the request to the web server of and a new message type for all the plugins in general. But it is not yet completed, so I have created a button in the message page of GUI which will invoke the Javascript function to get the location of the user and it will be sent using the existing message type. There’s more work to be done for the proper working of the plugin mechanism in the Currently the location of the user is sent as longitude and latitude manner in the messaging system as shown below.


Will soon update with the upcoming changes.


Mercy- the best weapon for Revenge

Abandoned in an alien world,
left wrecking without a hold.

Made to suffer like in a hell,
when planned to dig a huge well.

While aiming for flying colours,
presented a grave holding flowers.

At the time to serve justice,
played the game of a wicked mice.

I know my dharma,
let me remind you of karma.

When you suffer in your own land,
I won’t resist to offer you a hand.

You dream to be an ace,
I will help to increase the pace.

Build your own territory,
I shall protect our country.

GSoC’16 with

Acceptance letter

And the results are out. Started off with Firefox and Ruby on Rails for some years, at the last year of Bachelors thought of trying something new, a new organization. Came across the project under the Freifunk organization. The idea of creating a local network in the blink of an eye. Found to be interesting and thought of giving a try.

Wrote a proposal for the topic: Sharable plugin system. Waiting to see how it goes.


Starting of a new year 2OI6

It’s hard to hear that 2015 is over, when we had many memorable moments with our special ones and learned many unexpected but interesting things in life, but it’s even more thrilling to hear that 2016 is coming with many more offers(in online marketplace), surprises and challenges and yea introduce new people in our life :roll:.

As a person who likes to travel, 2015 was good for me with many traveling – intra and inter national and my ticket collection has grown so big, which everyone consider to be a weird hobby but what I consider to be an interesting one. I hope it was just a beginning, and this year brings me with new opportunities to travel and let my ticket collection grow like a mighty tree.

It’s the time to put a start on my new plans. 2016 is also the time for me to finish up many businesses that I have started off in 2015 and couldn’t finish before the end of it.

Now, what is new year without a new year resolution. I know there is no need to wait for a new year to begin, to make a resolution but also can’t say it’s not an apt time for that. So, hurry up go for it. For the past few years I have been making resolutions and sharing it with my friends, who laughs at me saying it’s not gonna happen. This year for a change, I have planned to keep it as a secret and will publish what all I attained from that, at the end of the year. So, from this year onwards I will make it a point to mark my achievements and publish it at the end of the year. Sorry guys you won’t be able to hear my interesting resolutions this time 😉

Time to leave buddies. Happy New Year everyone 😀

In the early 20’s

I am in my early 20’s, the time when we encounter with many temporary people in our life, the time when we learn the harsh realities of life, the time when we start fearing our strength, the time we understand the meaning of true friendship, the time we realize the value of family, the time we pray from our heart,

The time when we encounter with many temporary people

the time when we make the loudest cry, the time we start counting our fingers, the time when we lose control of our mind, the time when we laugh at ourselves,

timethe time when we have sleepless nights thinking of people we wish to be with, the time when we wish if they were near us, the time we learn to fight the loneliness, the time we go crazy like hell, the time we admire ourselves, the time we have to hear many questions, the time we make some sacrifices, the time we lose someone special, the time when we have to make difficult decisions, the time we lose our soul, the time we are not ready to accept all these, the time you feel like writing crap.

He taught India how to dream

Should I call him a ‘Missile Man’ or ‘People’s President’? Anything will go with his name, Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, the man who worked hard until his last breath. I salute you for everything that you have done in your life, for our country, for our people, for our future. His selfless dedication to work towards the betterment of the country cannot be replaced with anything else. The man who taught an entire nation to dream.

Dream, dream, dream. Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.

abdulKalamI got inspired to dream after reading his quotes, after all we share a common interest to become a fighter pilot. I also have the courage to accept what I achieve in my life, because I know he has achieved the greatest position a man could hold in our country even after missing the chance to become a fighter pilot. I must say he was an inspiration to an entire generation.

My wish to meet him in person will now remain as a dream forever. He will be remembered by people for the coming million generations. Finally I would like to mention something,

Don’t declare holiday on my death, instead work an extra day if you love me.

The dream of a person who taught an entire nation to dream endlessly, we should respect his dream. And there is no need to look for a good time to start working, as he had said, as long as the solar system was in place, it’s auspicious all the time.

My heartfelt condolences for the demise of the true patriot.

A letter to my beloved

It’s been a long time since we had a conversation of everything and nothing. You have been my source of courage, self-confidence and everything that I possess by telling me the stories of your life, bringing up of your five successful children as a single mother. Though everyone think that I take my decision by myself without listening to anyone’s opinion, I know you are aware that I have always considered yours. The days when you couldn’t tell me what you felt for me, I could feel it by your firm grip on my hand. But now I miss even that.

As you know I am now in the last year of my Bachelors and bit worried of what I am going to do after that, you know my plans ;). I hope everything goes well as per my plan. The thing that I am missing now is your words which brings me comfort, but the unexpected late night meetings that you arrange on some days with me do replace it to some extent. Do you know, I have made a raw idea on how to make the application that can connect all the members of our family, everyone in every corner of this world. On your 100th birthday I hope I can see everyone of the Vazhayil family in one place, a reunion. I will keep my promise to succeed in my life, as you said there is no one in this world who is capable of limiting my success other than me.

I learned the value of letter from you, the power of words written by our beloved by seeing how you cherished it. I have seen the tears running down your loosened cheeks by reading the letters from your life partner in his last chapters of life even though you have read it a million times. I am writing this letter to you for the same reason, for you to cherish and read again and again and to know that I am still fighting to achieve my goals to keep our dreams alive and to fulfill the promise that I have given you. You know my ups and downs so will know how much time I will take to achieve this since you are my one and only grandma, whom I still cherish in my heart.

I hope the god’s messenger has delivered you this letter safely. I know he will because he owe me so much to let you leave this world. To let me know you have received the letter glow bright today I will check out in the night.

Your love

How to Share a Secret

It is just awesome to write a paper in just one and a half page and make others understand what you have been trying to say. I am talking about the paper “How to Share a Secret” written by Adi Shamir who is none other than the co-inventor of the RSA algorithm. You can see the citations for this paper in the google scholar.

In this paper he introduces a method to share a secret information among a group of people in such a manner that everyone in the group is allocated with a share of the information. But it requires a minimum number of people to reconstruct the information, while the individual information is of no use.

The scheme is known as (k,n) threshold scheme. The value of k determines the minimum number of participants required to reconstruct the information. So, if the secret is S and k is the sufficient number to reconstruct the secret, then k-1 random values are taken to construct a polynomial which generates a set of (x,y) values which is assigned to each individual. And for the reconstruction of the message k such (x,y) combinations is required. Let me explain this with an example which everyone will understand very well,

Let us consider the equation of a line, and everyone knows that we need atleast two (x,y) coordinate values to determine that line, similarly if the polynomial constructed for a secret information has a power two then we need to collect the information from atleast two people from the group to reconstruct the information.

Have a nice day 🙂

Well keep the audio mute, it didn’t work out 😛